10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick-Start your Day!

10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick-Start your Day!

People think that dinner is the most important meal of the day. But, according to research, health experts state that a scrumptious and healthy breakfast boosts one’s energy and output for the day.  Sagaciously said, “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. A light, nutritious, and a healthy breakfast strengthens your digestive system and keeps your energy uptight for the day.

It is the human tendency to get bored easily. So here is a menu from around the globe to your plate to multiply your breakfast options without gaining those extra inches. Here, are the 10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick-Start your Day!

PineAPPLE smoothie


  • Pineapple and Cucumber Smoothie: Smoothies provide a full and wholesome breakfast option when it comes to healthy eating. Packed with vitamins and minerals, this pineapple and cucumber smoothie is a great option to start your day. Whereas pineapple is scientifically proven to be helpful to lose, on the other hand, cucumber provides hydration to your body and makes it glow! Click here for this amazing recipe.


  • Blueberry and Banana Nut Smoothie: it is a second smoothie option to boost your energy. This smoothie is packed with antioxidants and weight loss properties. Blueberry and banana both are low in calories and high in fiber fruits. This makes them a tasty option for improving your digestion. Nuts here prove to be a cherry on the top! Here is a quick version of this recipe.

  • Instant Oatmeal Bowl with berries: Oats provide a great breakfast option for working individuals who are also health enthusiasts. They are rich in fiber, plant-based protein, healthy fatty acids, and minerals. Being a whole grain, it keeps you full for a good stretch. Topping your oatmeal bowl with berries provides antioxidant properties, besides making it a bliss for your tongue! Here is a quick recipe for this healthy meal.

  • French Toast: French in name but Roman in origin, French toast can be your friend for breakfast. It is a full meal packed with all the necessary nutrients for a healthy start to your day. But be mindful of using the right ingredients and substituting the unhealthy ones with something healthier. One can use whole wheat or high-fiber bread to make it a healthy breakfast delicacy. Click here for an easy recipe to savor this dish.French Toast

  •  Omelette and Greens: What is a packed breakfast without proteins? Here is the solution! Omelette is a great source of protein and this makes it a great breakfast option. 1 egg has about 6.3 grams of high-quality protein. You can top it with some greens like spinach to make your meal a balanced diet! Here is the easy recipe for this diet.


Scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs sandwich
  • Scrambled egg sandwich: it is a delightful post-workout breakfast option as it is packed with high-quality protein along with moderate carbs and low-fat. It is great for weight loss. It can be pulled off with spices like salt and pepper and of course, one can add veggies of choice to make it more interesting. Click here for an easy recipe to savor this dish.



Why stop for continental recipes only when one can savor Indian delicacies in breakfast as a healthy option!! Here are some healthy Indian breakfast recipes:



  • Poha: One of the most popular Indian breakfast options is Poha. This Maharashtra delicacy is a very light and delicious breakfast option that is called by various names in different Indian households. Click here for the recipe to savor poha as your breakfast delight.


  • Upma: Start your day with this hearty South-Indian breakfast. Made with protein-packed urad dal and semolina, savored with crunchy veggies and curd, upma gives you a perfect start for the day. Here is the easy recipe to get your upma ready in minutes!


  • Idli: Idli proves to be a wholesome breakfast as it is light, healthy and fulfilling to the core. Another mouth watering South-Indian delicacy which is best served with sambhar and coconut chutney and takes minutes to cook! Here is a quick recipe for this healthy meal.BEST SOUTH INDIAN DISH ~ IDLI

  • Moong Dal Cheela: I’m sure you must be thinking why we should follow only South-Indian breakfast recipes. So, here is the awaited North-Indian healthy breakfast option-moong dal cheela. Moong dal is recommended for weight loss and has digestive properties as well. It is also proven to prevent diabetes. Pair it with paneer filling and voilà! Click here for an easy recipe to savor this dish.


A good, wholesome, and healthy breakfast keeps you energized for the whole day. So, why not make this first meal of the day interesting to keep you in a happy mood all day long? Try these amazing recipes which are a complete meal in themselves and their nutritional value is something which you surely can’t doubt.  Small efforts, and small steps lead to big destinations and ulterior goals. These tiny changes in your eating habits would surely help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. You just need to be determined and hopeful throughout your journey and you’ll observe the changes in yourself gradually. Enjoy these 10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes to Kick-Start your Day!

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